Living In Gratitude: Make the Most of Every Day

As we get caught up in the tasks, responsibilities and stress of life, we can fall into a pattern of ‘just getting by’, letting our days blend together rather than making the most of them.

By embracing an outlook of living intentionally, we actively participate in life. We purposefully seek to add enjoyment, accomplishment, awareness and appreciation in every day rather than ‘surviving’ until the weekend.

Below are 10 tips to making the most of each and every day.

1. Start your day early

Those who rise early tend to be more productive, motivated and energized than those who sleep in. Mornings are quiet and calm, allowing uninterrupted time to plan your day, center yourself and kickstart your productivity.

2. Nourish your body properly

Food is the fuel you provide your body and the better the fuel, the more efficiently your body will perform. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of mindless eating or grabbing something quick, but it by shifting your focus, you can ensure your body receives delicious, healthy food at each meal. Read more