Living In Gratitude: When to be Grateful for Indecisiveness

Embrace your indecisiveness because it may help you to make a good choice. ~ Karin Sieger

We’ve all encountered people (possibly even ourselves) who can’t make a decision, even about the simplest of things. The tendency to be tentative or uncertain, especially on a regular basis, can negatively impact our creativity, result in anxiety and depression, as well lead to conflict with others as they become impatient with our lack of progress.

According to UK-based psychotherapist, Karin Sieger, there are times in life when indecisiveness has an upside. This is especially true when we are going through a significant transition in life. Often we need to settle into our new normal before we implement any additional decisions.

There are many reasons for the inability to make decisions including:

  • Fear of making a mistake
  • Lack of trust in ourselves to make the right decision
  • Avoiding blame
  • Risk aversion
  • Not having the proper decision-making tools
  • Being afraid to say no and instead, taking a stance of uncertainty
  • Fear our decision may cause conflict with others
  • An inability to make commitments

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