Grateful for Mother Earth

On Friday, April 22nd, otherwise known as Earth Day, we conducted a survey on our Facebook page. The question was:

How do you show your appreciation to the Earth?

To date over 600 people have responded and the feedback keeps rolling in as the survey continues to move it’s way along people’s Facebook newsfeed.

We listed six options to chose from and respondants added in a number of their own responses including riding motorcycles, water conservation, becoming a vegan, staring in wonderment at all the Earth has to offer and making their impact on the Earth as minimal as possible.

158 people said they recycle and 101 respondants said they bring reusable bags to the store with them as their main methods of showing their gratitude to Mother Earth. The third most popular response was making as minimal an impact on the Earth as possible while using non-toxic chemicals, water conservation, picking up litter, and being energy efficient all came in tied for forth place.

The survey is still available on our Facebook page ( if you are interested in participating. Feel free to share the survey with friends as well. You can do so by opening the survey (use the See More option) and there is a Share button which allows you to comment and will post the survey on your Facebook Wall or you can also ask specific friends to respond. You can also choose to Follow the survey which will allow you to see all the responses that come in from everyone.

Fun stuff.