Join the Adventure. Create a Habit of Gratitude.

Gratitude Habitat is excited to present the “Art of Appreciation” 30 Day Online Adventure! 

Whether you are a seasoned traveler along the path of gratitude or putting on your appreciation backpack for the very first time, this Adventure is sure to inspire you to “Be Grateful and Get Happy”!


Did you know it has been scientifically proven that grateful people are happier and healthier?  Dr. Robert Emmons, professor at UC Davis and top gratitude researcher, has indeed shown that if you appreciate what you have, you are a significantly happier person in all aspects of life.

The “Art of Appreciation” Adventure is a fun, enlightening and inspiring way in which to ignite genuine gratitude, a habit that will prove to be one of the best you can ever nurture.

Each Adventurer will receive Daily Gratitude Focus pages that ask you to consider areas of your life including family & friends, nature, the senses, weekends, careers, food, art and so much more. Each page includes fun and creative activities, thought provoking information and questions that will increase your appreciation, awareness and awe.

This self-paced excursion kicks off November 1st and is available on a monthly basis. Each downloadable daily gratitude page only takes a few minutes a day so you can fit it into your schedule at a time that works best for you. Over morning coffee or at dinner with the family, before you go to sleep, at the gym, walking the dog, driving to work or school…

Invite your friends, your significant other, your children or grandchildren, your book club….the more Adventurers the merrier. Or give the Adventure as a gift!

Are YOU ready to put on your hiking boots and explore your own personal gratitude path?  It’s a journey you will never forget and one that can lead you down the road to a life of heartfelt  happiness.

On Your Mark…

Get Set…


Be Gratitude and Get Happy!

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