Living In Gratitude: Appreciation Benefits Relationships

Romantic relationships are never perfect. They are often a combination of frustration, passion, joy, and disappointment.

Often, we tend to focus on what we believe needs fixing:

  • He doesn’t take out the trash
  • She is always texting at the dinner table
  • He doesn’t listen
  • She doesn’t fill the cars up with gas

Though each of these issues could very well be perfectly valid, how about focusing on all the wonderful things we’re getting from our relationships?

Just as it’s a choice to criticize or blame our partners for what we think we’re not getting in a relationship, it’s also a choice to be grateful for what we have and for where we are in this moment.

Gratitude can not only improve your attitude; it can help improve your love life.

Let’s look at how.

How we act is what we attract. Kindness attracts kindness. Thoughtfulness attracts thoughtfulness. Love attracts love. One thoughtful act can make someone’s day. And guess what? It can make our relationships stronger. Read more