Living In Gratitude: Feel, Be, Spread Love

Love is our true foundation, inborn in all of us.

Last week, our blog talked about The Four Agreements and how they can help us let go of fear and embrace an authentic life. With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, of course, this week’s topic is love.

But rather than focusing on romantic love, we are instead discussing about how to live life from a place of love. Just as when we transform our internal beliefs, when we live life based on love, this also empowers us to live authentically.

Living a life founded on love embodies three parts: Feeling love, being love and spreading love.

Feeling Love

Each of us is born from love. It is our foundation and the essence of who we are. Over time, we lose site of that and instead form a base of fear, which shrouds and overpowers the underpinnings of love. To overcome this, we first need to learn to truly love ourselves. We are all worthy, deserving and valuable no matter our faults and foibles. Loving ourselves fills us with compassion, abundance, appreciation, happiness, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness and kindness. When we love ourselves unconditionally, only then can we begin to be love and spread love. 

Being Love

Being love is living life with an intention of love rather than fear. When love rules our actions and thoughts, we view things differently. We are able to let go of anger, hurt and pain more easily. We can find the blessings and look on the bright side even during the darkest of times. We are accepting of others as they are, realizing that everything they do is based on their own reality. When we live life with an intention of love, we  come from a place of tolerance, kindness and understanding because we are living our life authentically instead of pretending to be what we aren’t out of fear.

Spreading Love

When we spread love into the world, we share our gifts, time and talents with those around us. We genuinely want to help and support others while expecting nothing in return. We spread love in an ever-growing circle, from those closest to us, then to our community and city, continually rippling outward. Kindness prevails in all we do because our ultimate goal is spreading love.

Each day, set an intention of feeling, being and spreading love by asking yourself these questions:

Do you feel love for yourself?

Are you being love as you move through your day?

Are you spreading love at home, work, in your community and beyond?

There is no doubt, our world needs more love. This starts with each of us and our unconditional love for ourselves. Then, as we live our individual lives from a place of love, we can begin to spread it out into the world.

May your day be filled with gratitude, love and good things.