Living In Gratitude: See The Beauty In Life

In reality, there are no ordinary or extraordinary moments. Beauty is all around us all the time . If we truly understand this and practice being open and aware, we can look at any ordinary object, find the beauty in its existence and appreciate it.

  • Dirt is beautiful for the life-giving nourishment it provides.
  • Insects help pollinate, aerate soil, and control other pests.
  • Air, though unseen, is beautiful for its life-giving qualities.

The routine, requirements and stresses of daily life often bog us down, keeping us from appreciating the simple things life has to offer. When we take time to quiet ourselves internally, we can open up and connect, allowing the awareness of these simple joys to be experienced. Use all of your senses to fully savor that cup of coffee, experience the complexity of music, the feel of warm sand beneath bare feet.

Beauty is often found where we least expect it.

See the beauty in life and whisper two powerful words:

Thank you.

May your days be filled with gratitude and good things.