Living In Gratitude: Be Present & Thankful

Be present in all things and thankful for all things. ~Maya Angelou

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those we care about is our presence. Not just our physical presence but fully immersing ourselves in the moment.

Really listen and engage when a child is telling you a story or showing you something they created.

When spending time with friends at dinner, put away your smartphone and listen, laugh, savor and revel in the joy of friendship and love.

Focus on the sand beneath your feet during a walk on the beach. Inhale the salt air, scan the beauty of vista, enjoy the crashing waves.

Grasp your partner’s hand, feel the warmth of their skin, the energy and love that flows between you.

When we give the gift of our presence, we also experience a deep sense of appreciation. We notice and feel more intensely and soon, we are moved to gratitude, even during times of challenge.

The next time you are aware of your thoughts wandering or you’re distracted by outside influences, gently bring your focus back to the moment. Immerse yourself in it. Listen, feel, breathe, laugh, love and be thankful.

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.