Living In Gratitude: Have Some Fun

Find time today to: sing, dance, skip, be silly. Have some fun. Life is too short for your seriousness.

All too often, we get caught up in the serious things life throws at us.

  • Can we pay our bills this month?
  • The commute traffic that gets worse each day.
  • An argument we had with a loved one.
  • An issue in our job or problem with our health.

Each of those things is important and impacts our life but letting our hair down and kicking up our heels can make those and other challenges less weighty.

We’ve all heard the old adage that laughter is the best medicine and although there is no scientific proof to back that up, a positive, appreciative, fun attitude can lift your spirits, reduce stress and make you more equipped and open to solutions.

The next time you are feeling overwhelmed with the seriousness of it all, dance and sing to your favorite song, watch a video or two of your favorite comedian or sitcom, get goofy with your kids.

Sing, dance, skip, be silly. Have some fun.

You just may find silliness is a wonderful antidote to seriousness.

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.