Living In Gratitude: Admire Without Questioning

Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own.

Studies show that women frequently compare themselves to other women and in doing so, come up short and feel lesser than. On the other hand, when men compare themselves against other men, they generally place themselves as better than.

The comparisons we make are many: physical, social, parental and career-based among others.

When we as women look at other women, we judge ourselves against them and find fault in ourselves.

We see physical attributes, their abilities as a mother, their successful career, their talent, their fitness, the car they drive, the house they live in…the list goes on. 

Admire beauty without questioning

By making these comparisons, that little voice inside us says, “I’d love to have her big blue eyes rather than my brown ones“, “I could never be that fit and strong“, “I wish I was that successful in my job“, “What a super mom she is-I could never do that“.

Comparison is a thief, robbing us of our self-esteem, self worth and confidence. It also prevents us from wishing the best for others because by comparing, we have stoked the fires of envy.

We are all amazing and talented in our own way. Every person, man and woman alike, has their own personal journey and every unique journey includes its high and low points.

Rather than comparing ourselves, admire another’s strengths and attributes without questioning your beauty, capabilities, strengths and achievements. Acknowledge the other person’s attributes while also appreciating your own unique gifts.  View others as a source of inspiration rather than envy. When we look to others for encouragement, this boosts our confidence, making us feel valuable and excited about our lives. It also allows us to wish other’s well as they move along their own path in life.

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.