Living in Gratitude: The Heart & Mind of Gratitude

An article authored in 2019 by Arjun Walla shared some interesting scientific information backing what we always knew: gratitude literally impacts us on a molecular level.

According to the article, scientists have discovered that feelings of gratitude can actually change your heart and brain. Feeling gratitude can help overcome depression and anxiety. Furthermore, scientists have discovered that the heart sends signals to the brain, and not just the other way around.

Says Walla, happiness is a matter of perspective, and in a world where we are constantly made to feel like we are lacking and always ‘wanting’ more, it can be difficult to achieve or experience actual happiness. Many of us look toward external factors to experience joy and happiness when really it’s all related to internal work. This is something science is just starting to grasp as well, as shown by research coming out of UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC).

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Living In Gratitude: 10 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Relationships

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you. ~Anonymous

Social media has enabled us to stay in touch with friends near and far but it doesn’t necessarily equate to meaningful relationships.

Close friendships require time and energy. They need to be nurtured and attended to. Below are 10 ways to cultivate successful relationships with family, friends and even coworkers.


Liking ourselves is the foundation for others to connect with us. After all, if we fundamentally don’t like who we are, why would anyone else?


Be the person who listens, hearing others without interrupting. Listening is one of the greatest gifts we can give another person. Allowing someone to speak, be heard and understood is an invaluable part of every meaningful relationship. Read more

Living In Gratitude: 12 Ways To Be Grateful Every Day

May you experience all the levels of thankfulness and the soul-gifts that each offers. For then it will be truly possible to give and receive joy every day of your life. ~ M.J. Ryan

Here are 12 simple things we can do to add gratitude to our lives.

1. Practice gratitude every day. Write in a journal, in an email to a friend, around the dinner table with your family… However you incorporate it, make gratitude a routine.

2. Create visual or auditory reminders. Signs around your home, pop ups on your computer or online calendar, reminders on your cell phones.

3. Focus on the good in life rather than the bad. Read more

Living In Gratitude: Happiness & Joy

Joy. The kind of happiness that doesn’t depend on what happens. ~David Steindl-Rast

If you look up the word joy and happiness, they are often used synonymously.

But, are they really the same?

Gratitude guru, Robert Emmons, believes there is a fundamental difference between the two.

When we are happy, says Emmons, it is primarily a result of external experiences. Happiness is also momentary because it is based on events. We feel happy when we get a promotion, do well on an exam, buy that new car, outfit, home or other material item. Happiness is an emotional response to having what we want. This temporary emotional response is fleeting once the outside event has been achieved.  Read more

What We See

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Living In Gratitude: Humans Crave Appreciation

The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated. ~William James

Psychologist John Gottman can predict with 94% certainty within 15 minutes if a couple has a solid relationship, if their relationship will fail or will result in an unhappy union.

After years of studying relationships, Gottman has discovered that happy, connected couples – those he refers to as Masters – scan social environment for things they can appreciate and say thank you for. They build this culture of respect and appreciation very purposefully. Masters also express appreciation and gratitude for their significant others a minimum of 5 times each day. They find the good in their partner and express their thanks. Read more

Living In Gratitude: Expect Nothing

Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

Expectations can leave us feeling hollow and disappointed. These assumptions are often ones we place upon others as well as ourselves and when they aren’t met, we tend to reflect negatively. Read more

Accept The Present Moment

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Living In Gratitude: I Am Grateful For…

I am grateful for the years I’ve had, people along the way, mistakes made, and opportunities taken. ~Carol Adamski

When we stop and consider all of the things that happen to us each and every day, as the years go by, that quickly adds up to a very long list of gratitudes.

At the end of your day, sit in a quiet place and jot down the people, mistakes, and opportunities you are grateful for. Read more