Living In Gratitude: Interrupt Worry

Interrupt worry with gratitude.

We all have moments, or even days, when worry seems all-consuming. Sometimes, we worry about important things-our health, our finances, our family, our careers. Other times, we spend time worrying about little things, many of which, when we really consider it, don’t matter much in the grand scheme of life.

Whatever we worry about, the big or small, worry can be a feeling that moves us into an inactive, paralytic place. Worry is a niggling little bug, worming it’s way into our minds and setting up house. It takes over, spreading into all the nooks and crannies of our lives, that is, if we let it.

The next time you find yourself overcome with worrisome thoughts, interrupt worry with gratitude. By reflecting on the abundance in our lives, we reduce our stress and are better able to handle challenging situations versus simply wringing our hands over them.

Pull out your gratitude journal or a notebook and spend 60 seconds jotting down everything that comes to mind for which you are grateful. Focus on this list and add to it daily to see the abundance of your life.

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.