Living In Gratitude: Authenticity

Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are. ~Brene Brown

Being our authentic self doesn’t sound like it should be difficult. After all, we are who we are, right?

Yet there are numerous outside influences that impact us, many of which make us feel we have to modify who we genuinely are. By succumbing to these external pressures, we are not being true to ourselves, our gifts talents and potential. It takes practice to  be true to yourself, your values and ideals rather than bending to what others (be they friends, family, colleagues or the media) want or expect us to be.

Below are 9 steps to living an authentic life and embracing the wonderfully unique person that you are.

1. Self awareness

Acknowledge and accept everything about yourself, both the good and the not so good. This acceptance and understanding of your imperfections creates a deeper comprehension of yourself as a unique individual, bringing you closer to your values and making you more resilient.


2. Define your values

Know what is important and feels right to you. Take time to be crystal clear about what matters to you.  Align what you value and want for your life with action.

3. Keep an open mind

Rigid thinking is a roadblock. Being openminded, we release ourselves from judgement and limitations, two conspirators against our authenticity. Encourage yourself to see a situation from all sides and notice how your genuine self flourishes.

4.  Trust your gut

That inner voice, those hunches, impressions and intuitions can guide you to realizing when you are being true to who you are and when you’re astray.

5. Tolerance

As a general rule, tolerance is a definite attribute, but there are times hen we tolerate things in our life as an avoidance tactic. We tolerate an illness because we are afraid to go to the doctor. We tolerate a toxic relationship because we are scared to end it. We tolerate clutter because we don’t want to take the time to clear it out. Tolerance of these types of things inhibits our authenticity.

6. Meditation

Take a few moments every day to sit quietly and listen to your inner self. You’ll gain a deeper, meaningful understanding of who truly you are and what you want.

7. Use your strengths and gifts

When we use our natural talents, we find ourselves at ease and in a place of contentedness and joy.

8. Be positive

Share your essence in a positive manner. Express your likes, your values, your desires in an upbeat, affirmative way.

9. Live your dreams

Make the dreams and aspirations you have for your unique life a reality. Don’t let obstacles or other people’s doubts or judgements stand in your way.

Embrace and nurture your authentic self and watch how your life blossoms!

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.