Living In Gratitude: The Right Path is Not Always Easy

Sometimes the right path is not always the easiest one. ~Grandmother Willow (Pocahontas)

Life presents us with many choices and opportunities, some that are simple and straightforward and others that are anything but.

There are times when the decision on which path to take is obvious. And there are times when we are faced with embarking down a road that is fraught with difficulty and maybe even evokes fear and insecurity, yet we know that it is the right one to take.

Seemingly easy ‘shortcuts’ can derail us. They steer us away from our true selves and our understanding of what’s right and wrong by offering a tempting way to avoid the unpleasant.

When a small child wants something and is told no, they will often throw a tantrum. The easy path is to give in, say yes and stop the child from fussing. The much more difficult yet by far the best road is to stay the course, endure the crying and know that in the end, the child will learn that they can’t run into the road, have 7 lollipops before dinner or have every toy on the shelf.

right path not always easy

When we were in school, each time we had a test, we were presented with choices. We could do nothing to prepare, take the test and hope for the best. We could cheat and get a good grade, but gain no knowledge and damage our self-worth and possibly our future success. Or, we could study the material until we are confident and informed, take the exam and know that we did our very best. The first two options seem easiest but don’t give us the right result. The third option takes time, effort and dedication but pays off in a multitude of ways in the end.

As we grow older, these choices are often much more complicated, revolving around family, friends, spouses and partners, work, finances and so many other things. The inclination to take the easy way out can be alluring as we attempt to avoid hurting someone or hope to bypass a long, arduous process.

In the long run, choosing to take the right road despite its obstacles is always the best option. You will grow as a person, gain understanding, learn to navigate difficult situations and achieve things you never thought possible.

May your day be filled with gratitude and good things.