Gratitude: Coming Home To Happiness

It’s easy to grow accustomed to the many things and people that support us in daily living. Sometimes I find myself complaining about what is lacking and forget to see and appreciate all the goodness in my life.

Recently, the cables were down in my neighborhood for a whole day. I had no access to the Internet. Can you imagine?! At first, I didn’t know what to do with myself. How many times have I put “Internet connection” on my gratitude list? Never. It’s there now. (See journals below.)

Gratitude is one of the practices that leads to contentment, happiness and abundance. One of my favorite stories that illustrates gratitude is about Nasreddin, a legendary Sufi jester said to have existed during the Middle Ages.


One day Nasreddin saw a man sitting in a shadow of gloom, face in his hands. The man looked so forlorn that Nasreddin stopped, hoping to be able to console him. 

“My dear man. What is the reason behind your sorrow?” Nasreddin asked, genuinely concerned.

The grief-stricken man looked up at the jester and replied, “My life is miserable. As such, I’ve collected all my money, left my home and am seeking happiness. But no matter where I look, I have been unable to find it.”

“Would you like me to help show you the way to happiness?” Nasreddin asked.

“Why, yes! Of course!” the man responded enthusiastically. “Please, show me.”

Without warning, Nasreddin picked up the bag containing the man’s money and ran away, disappearing around a corner.

The man jumped up, yelling at Nasreddin to return the purse, and quickly dashed off in pursuit.

After a lengthy chase, Nasreddin placed the bag at a place where the frantic man could see it and hid behind a tree.

When the distraught man found his money, he instantly forgot his grief and began dancing with sheer joy and gratitude.

From his hiding place, Nasreddin smiled.

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Look around, what five things do you rely on and maybe take for granted? Comment and share with us. Give thanks.

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