Living In Gratitude: The Gift Of Giving Thanks

I’ve discovered that ‘giving thanks’ is a sweet gift to myself and others. ~Carol Adamski

One of the most timeless and thoughtful gifts you can give someone is your gratitude. Not only does it make the recipient feel appreciated, but it makes us as the giver, feel wonderful as well.

Be lavish and heartfelt with your appreciation of others. Spread those genuine “thank you’s” around. Notice how those two little words hold so much power and meaning. 

Did you know that being grateful helps boost your emotional well-being?

Grateful people tend to have:

  • more good, optimistic feelings
  • are more relaxed
  • are less envious of others
  • have happier memories
  • enjoy increased resilience

Gratitude is a powerful thing!

To whom have you given the sweet gift of gratitude to recently? 

Have a day filled with gratitude and good things.